The Marriage of Draupadi Marigold - COTTON LINEN

Rs. 3,900.00 per metre

Sku: LWD-F-03-CL

Toiles depicting the marriage of Princess Draupadi in Mughal miniature style in fresh and romantic colours expressing the excitement of love and celebration.                 

Printed on extra durable heavyweight Cotton-Linen (32,000 rubs) basketweave fabric or 100% Cotton (25,000 rubs) offering spectacular touch and drape.

  • Eco friendly: Printing dyes are GOTS certified and meet Inditex ‘Clear to Wear’ criteria.
  • Original design created in our studio.     

Size: Width: 137 cm, Vertical: 38 cm, Horizontal: 41 cm, All approx. 

Use & Durability:  Upholstery. Extra durable fabric for frequently used furniture. 418 gsm. 32,000 rubs durability.

Rub test: All of our upholstery fabrics are tested as per the The Martindale Rub test which is a measure of the durability and suitability of a fabric for various uses – i.e. frequently used sofas, decorative accent chairs or commercial heavy duty use. 

British Standard 2543 specifies the following rub counts for end use applications:

Light domestic – 15,000 rubs

General domestic – 20,000 rubs

Heavy domestic – 25,000 rubs

Severe domestic/general contract – 30,000 rubs 

Care: Dry Clean.

Return and Refunds: We take responsibility for free replacement or refund of defective or wrong items sent, as per our T&C's.

India Sales: Includes shipping and applicable taxes. 

Note to International Customers: Customs duties and taxes are extra. See Terms and Conditions.

Toiles dépeignant le mariage de la princesse Draupadi au style miniature de Mughal. Chaque personnage contribue à la tension dramatique de cette scène tandis que les tons frais et romantiques expriment la joie de l’amour et de la fête. Le Mariage de Draupadi deviendra un classique.

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