le Ventilateur Buff - COTTON

Rs. 2,400.00

Sku: PLV-C-01-CN

The whimsical Phancy cloth cushions, handcrafted in a rich cotton, will jazz up any interior. To our eye, there is an inherent compatibility between the common themes, designs and colours in African print cloth, Indian matchbox and vintage advertisement art or even election symbols.

Thoughtfully designed and made of high-quality fabrics to delight your senses for lasting enjoyment. 

  • Complementary design and high-quality fabric on both sides of the cushion, enhanced with a colour matched, concealed zipper.
  • Original design: Informed by research and inspired by the romance of India’s history, crafts and legends. Each design is created in our studio.  
  • Eco friendly: Printing dyes are GOTS certified and meet Inditex ‘Clear to Wear’ criteria.
  • Individually packaged  .
  • There may be negligible variations in colour and print. • Cushion cover only. Does not include cushion pad.
  • Dry clean only. Do not use bleach or tumble dry.

Return and Refunds: We take responsibility for free replacement or refund of defective or wrong items sent, as per our T&C's.

India Sales: Includes shipping and applicable taxes. Does not include cushion pad.

Note to International Customers: Customs duties and taxes are extra. Does not include cushion pad. See Terms and Conditions.

Les tissus et tissus Phancy fantaisistes pour coussins égayeront votre intérieur.   À nos yeux, il existe une compatibilité intrinsèque entre les thèmes communs et les motifs des tissus imprimés africains, les boîtes d’allumettes indiennes ainsi que l’art publicitaire vintage ou même les symboles d’élection. Les couleurs renvoient à l’art sur les boîtes d’allumettes indiennes et les publicités vintage .

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