Toile Indienne is a conversation about history and creating a timeless aesthetic; where emotion, pattern, meaning and symbolism, interweave through exquisite functional design.

Akila Seshasayee

Founder & Chief Designer

Akila is a graphic designer whose best work has come out of being able to express herself, both as a communicator and as an artist. She believes in ‘better, not more’, to create products that are lovingly made, painstakingly detailed and beautifully executed; not passing fancies but things to keep because of the stories they contain.

She discovered her love of typography as a student of the National Institute of Design and founded studio Designosis, recognized for its work in corporate branding and editorial for some of India’s best known companies. Nurtured over three decades, her body of typographic work, especially for the journal Seminar, as well as book covers, have been widely admired and featured in the book India: Contemporary Design: Fashion, Graphics, Interiors.

Pankaj Kehr

Founder & CEO

Pankaj’s mother, a princess of the Tripura royal family, who were patrons of the Bengal School, instilled in him a deep appreciation for culture, and history. This led to a lifelong fascination with architecture, design and collecting art.

He has many years of experience leading his family’s medical device companies with representation in 70 countries and working with Fortune 500 brands. He has a systems approach to the design process and an eye for the smallest detail if it adds to the intrinsic value and aesthetic of a product, whether it is a patented safety-engineered medical device or a silk cushion.